Wisteria Lane

Augusto wants to build an entire new quarter, with five houses and a garage lane. The classical italian outskirts tipology here is warmed up by the materials used.

Year and Status:

2017, proposal

Project Type:


The first impression of coziness, especially at night, is given by the combination of stone, corten steel and warm shades of grey.

Another key element is the disposition on the plot. The five units embrace the common internal walkway.

So when you arrive the perspective welcomes you inside.

This sweet disposition gets more dynamic from the road. When you pass by you see both front and rear.

At the first floor guess what? There are three rooms for each unit.

The corten box is the highlight of the entire facade. And it also covers the entrance.

The living room is well oriented, bright and minimal.

Finally the kitchen and the dining room, wider in the table area. Enjoy.