The Staircase

Paolo, after a twenty years long break in the works, finally wants to complete his house with finishes and a missing connection between the three floors.

Year and Status:

2015, built

Project Type:


The only part of the intervention visible from outside is the corten squared jar containing a fountain of flowers. 

The staircase is closed at the beginning to open up between the two living floors.

Either you wanna go for a ride or just look at it, the vintage bike works.

The old stone wall receives diffuse light from the internal courtyard and some accent from a led strip.

To be the protagonist of the living room a steel section forming the stair is suspended over metal bars.

Here as well some accent light is hidden behind iron elements. 

Go upstairs to see the last floor.

The large format oak parquet is new, but “old school” like the wooden roof.

In the main restroom there’s still the wooden roof, plus a shower and a trapezoidal bathtube.