The Shawshank Redemption

Unesco wants to build a cultural centre in Bamiyan Valley, one of the most spectacular landscapes of Afghanistan sadly famous for the distruction of its art.

Year and Status:

2015, competition

Project Type:


The courtyard tipology is the most diffused in the area, especially in square format. We just changed the scale.

The building inserts discreetly in the context. Green and earth all over.

The outside shape is a big square, with closed corners.

All the program is organized around the main circular square.

When you get into the square you start to see circles.

The circle of light creates an intimate atmosphere in the four corners.

The circular shape of the internal exhibition invites you to take a walk inside it.

To finish the tour sit down in the theatre. Here the natural light is controlled.

The plan is simply a circle inside a square.

The theatre and the museum deposit are inserted in the inner circle and differ in volume and height.

And finally some architect stuff.