The Entrance

Giovanni wants to rethink the entrance of his italian offices. He needs a welcoming structure, a place where people can collect, greet, or simply take a break.

Year and Status:

2016, built

Project Type:


The existing elements are disconnected and on different levels. The project is to unify all the functions under a single roof. 

The intervention is a black plane coming out from the office cube.

The roof is suspended over a concrete podium and six central columns.

A concrete jar divides the ramp and the whole entrance area from the plant.

The view going in. A covered podium acting as an exterior / interior filter.

The view going out. Six skylights over some flavourings garden.

The suspended plane will be the first view also for the people visiting R&D innovation house, being built in the background. 

In the frontal section you can see proportion and order. The little change of quote contributes to the sensation of “entrance”.

The original project visualization has an internal wooden cladding.

And also another order of columns attached to the main facade.

During the works some details changed, but the concept kept very clear.

Mr. Giovanni can finally enjoy the new entrance and his aggregation potential during his 80th birthday celebrations. The gift was a vintage car.