Mystic River

Sometimes we also participate in some real-life competition: here we had to animate an old industrial space while describing our project to renovate it.

(with Andrea Bellincampi & Gregorio Pecorelli)

Year and Status:

2015, 1st prize

Project Type:


Four arches, three columns. We designed a big iron element to divide the spaces and an iron carpet to connect them.

The exhibition starts with the model, to get a comprehensive look over the project area. We then decided to concentrate the drawings into five single elements.

First element: general plan of the site with the bridge and the new paths.

Second element: the bridge breakdown, with some structural ideas.

The two more technical drawings facing each other in the same “room”.

Third element: Our project is simply a bridge, here you can see its sorroundings.

Fourth element: the bridge takes people and new life to the square.

The two pictures facing each other in the exhibition.

A complete axonometry of the area: the fifth element.

The metallic strip and the wooden step to get to the fifth element.

For its particular nature in between art and technique, the axonometry deserves the final spot under an arch.