Collecting ideas about a new placement for the Parthenon museum, we found out that its basement is amazing and currently hidden. So why not digging out some exhibition spaces just next to the temple?

Year and Status:

2014, competition

Project Type:


The situation on the Acropolis: three temples and four observation points along the walls. In the south east corner we placed the access to the museum.

A welcoming monumental staircase revolves around the observation deck and takes you underground.

Underground plant, to see the shape and development of the internal itinerary.

The journey starts from the main hall located in the former Sanctuary of Pandion, a legendary king of Athens.

The only natural light comes from squared openings with a metallic grid. All the archeological remains are placed on these skylights.

In this way the stones are displayed on the surface of the Acropolis and at the same moment they act as a filter for the poetic light coming through.

The ramp descending towards the main space is illuminated from the side and hosts the Lapidarium, a collection of stones and rocks.

Finally here we are: we reached the bedrock and we can stand in front of the enormous foundation wall of the Parthenon.

As in the previous rooms, the light comes in through a series of grids placed right next to the main temple.

The last emotion is hidden behind the old structure of the underground walls. The trip ends here, in front of a single statue.