Brokeback Mountain

Ennis and Jack want to develop a mountain resort. They would like an hotel with a wide offer of rooms, a spa and some family chalets. All in a traditional style.

Year and Status:

2017, proposal

Project Type:


The resort is built on the  accessible side of the plot. Everything else is wood.

Welcome to Priesnig Hotel. 

In a precious environment, sourrounded by the alps, you will find what you need.

Do you just need a break from the daily routine? Book a standard room. The standard here is pretty high. 

Special occasion? Throw some fireworks directly from the balcony of your superior room.

Feeling special? Your choice is the suite, embraced by the wood and watched by the deer. 

Family trip? In the chalets you can find spacious apartments facing the garden.

Whatever your choice is, in the morning you can have breakfast with a view.

Come back in winter to enjoy ski slopes and the pleasant combination of wood and snow.

SPA all day long is the other option. Wood, stone and water.