Back to the Future

Simone wants to build his new house in the courtyard where he grew up, to connect four generations of the family and enjoy the open countryside.

Year and Status:

2015, built

Project Type:


The house is a white box, an external object that arrived from different time and space to insert itself into the typical italian “corte”.

Arriving from the small dirt road you will find yourself in front of a white rectangle floating over the green.

Get into the gate and your way will be clear: you need to follow the path next to the garden to arrive under the box and enjoy the shade.

Not this path! this is for the cars, but from here you can enjoy a big garden, a nice view of the house…and a small palm.

The central point of view enhances the shape of the balcony frame and the two V pillars suspending the box.

Stepping in from the open countryside, the first view is on the closed courtyard. The public area of the house is in between these two spaces.

The space opens in height as well. To preserve the privacy, the relax area is placed on the mezzanine overlooking the white kitchen.

Stop on the stair to enjoy simmetry…

…because when you arrive it’s all about natural light.

The cold northern light passes through the warming filter of the wooden roof beams.

Going towards the bedrooms you can finally enjoy some pictures. The skylight will guide you.

Finally some drawings. The ground floor is public and open to the exteriors. The upper part can enjoy of two different degrees of privacy.

The zenital light comes in right where tradition and modernity are connected.